For over a decade, I have worked in the medical aesthetics industry. From working for the market-leading company (Allergan), to running a busy plastic surgery office, I have had my hands buried in this industry. I have had the distinct privilege of working on a high-level team with the Allergan Practice Consulting (APC) group and collaborating with the amazing BSM Consulting team. In this role, I have had the unique opportunity to work with world-class practices across the country on a very granular level and understand what makes them successful. Most importantly, I got to see what prevented practices from being successful. Moreover, I have been in the daily grind of running a medical practice! Consultants can tell you what to do, but administrators have to implement ideas. Nobody understands the real struggle of keeping everything moving in the right direction more than my fellow administrators reading this bio! #admininstratorsdoitbetter #onelove #whereareourscrubs #practitionerfirst

The goal of my company is to provide more value than it receives, and to inspire someone, anyone, to take their business to the next level. If we work together in the future, then I look forward to meeting you, and if we don’t, then I hope you learn as much as you can from this platform.

Jonathan Montoya