Consulting for medical aesthetic practices has become very popular as the rise of elective procedures becomes one of the fastest-growing sections in the healthcare industry.  This trend totally makes sense!  However, what doesn’t make sense is trusting your multi-million-dollar practice in the hands of someone that has minimal experience in this setting.

Consulting Expertise

Ideally, you would want someone that has “been in the room” when decisions that affect millions of dollars and the lives of owners, employees, and patients are at stake.  Reaching these decisions only after they have been analyzed, discussed, weighed and debated is no small task.  Because the nature of these decisions always lends themselves to being subjective and going with feelings, you need someone that can help you make objective decisions based on the information at hand.  This means that they need years of experience understanding what good looks like and how these decisions will affect the financial health of the practice.   Ideally, they should have a deep understanding of the following areas of a practice:

  • Financial Statements
  • Operational Systems
  • Marketing
  • Staff Improvement

Consulting Conclusion

I know that there is a difficult decision you are trying to make (or going to make in the future) about your practice.  My hope is that you have the individuals around you to provide honest feedback and objective information in regards to your decision.  If you feel that you do not have the necessary support to make these decisions, then contact me and let’s talk.  If I do not know the answer, the odds are I know someone that I can direct you to for a better solution.

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