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“Facebook Ads for Beginners”

Thanks for showing up!  My name is Jonathan Montoya and some of you may know me but most of you do not.  I am the Owner of IS Digital & Consulting, which specializes in digital marketing and management consulting in the medical aesthetic/elective healthcare sector.  I am like YOU!  I have made medical aesthetics my career and have the scars and tattoos to prove it!  My unique professional background has allowed me to bring a different perspective to the agency model and I plan on using it as best I can through this time and into the future.

Please enjoy this complimentary webinar I conducted for Mary Beth Hagen, TITAN Aesthetics, and her audience on Facebook Advertising.  Our goal creating and distributing this webinar is to continue providing value to our respective audience during this unprecedented time in our industry.

Again, special shout out to my friend and colleague, Mary Beth, for making this happen.  If you need any help connecting to other professionals in the medical aesthetics industry, Mary Beth should be your first stop.

Mary Beth Hagen