Internal Marketing

CRM, also referred to as Internal Marketing, is the most overlooked component of any marketing plan is the existing customer base a business already has as it’s fingertips.  Retaining and converting (multi-lining) customers is the biggest ROI because they are already part of your business.

CRM & Internal Marketing Statistics

Customers that continue to support your brand over time will spend 67% more than new customers (Edelman)

A 5% increase in customer retention has more than a 25% increase in profit (Bain and Company)

Internal Marketing Solutions

Internal Marketing Strategies

First, you need to assess all the current databases that you have at your disposal.  Most frequently, in my world of medical aesthetics, it is going to be your practice management system.  Depending on what type of practice management system you have currently, you should be able to generate several monthly, quarterly, or annual reports to help you determine where your business is missing opportunities.

Working with Internal Marketing Reports

Once you have developed the protocols for extracting the data from all of your sources you will most likely need to have a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel.  Most practice management systems will have the ability to export data into a spreadsheet form like Excel.  Understanding how to set up the reports in order to manipulate the data and target specific groups is paramount.

Targeting Customers Correctly

The beauty of internal marketing is that you can create different segments of customers based on the behavior they have displayed in the past.  For example, if an Allergan representative can only give you “x” number of rebates then why would you Eblast that information out to your entire database?  A better use of your resources would be to target customers that have shown you a behavior in the past that you are looking to target, and only send that information to them.

Do I need to buy fancy software for Internal Marketing?

No!  There is a goldmine at your fingertips in your current practice management system and supplementary databases (i.e. Brilliant Distinctions) that you can maximize.  If you simply put some effort into analyzing and cultivating these databases then you engage in CRM.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How often do I run expired Botox® patient reports?
  • How often do I run expired filler patient reports?
  • What about expiring Brilliant Distinction points?
  • How many times have I run a list to see how many of your Botox® haven’t gotten a filler (or vice versa)?
  • How many times have I run a list of patients that have received injectables but never had one of your spa services (or vice versa)?

Here’s a hint:  These should be run monthly and then acted upon accordingly. 

Internal Marketing Conclusion

My hope is that everyone has someone internally that can perform some basic reporting and targeting for your business.  However, If you do not have someone within your practice to leverage these databases then contact me and let’s talk.

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