Social Media Marketing

Posting content is great!  However, the social media marketing game is changing rapidly and unless you are aware of the rules then you may be wasting your time.  Couple of things to keep in mind as you evaluate your current social media strategy.  First, the organic reach of social media posts has shrunk to single digits over the recent years, especially with Facebook (and if you are reading this in late 2019 or later, Instagram too).  That means that less 10% of your existing audience will see the content you post.  Second, these platforms continue to grow at amazing rates.  Basically, the combination of those two facts means that there are a ton of people on these platforms that you can’t reach unless you have quality content and a plan to get that content in front of them.

Social Media Marketing Solution

Social Media Marketing Strategy

You cannot compete with larger companies if you do not have a strategy.  They are going to eat your lunch because they can simply scale the system due to their large advertising budgets.  You have to be smarter and more sophisticated than they are if you are going to compete on social platforms.  If you do not have a plan for your social media platforms then consider your social media profiles like Instagram more of a “branding” platform, as customers that are interested in your business will typically go and look at what you are posting just to see what is going on and get a feel for your brand.  However, do not expect your content to organically reach them and change their behavior.

Social Media Paid Advertising

You need someone that understands how to play in the “paid advertising” space on social platforms and place your content effectively to achieve the best outcome.  Simply boosting content (while better than doing nothing) or throwing up a picture you took at the office isn’t going to cut it anymore.  Utilizing all the tools available to you like the Facebook Pixel, custom audience, advanced targeting, retargeting, and a host of other resources can make the difference between a social media strategy that actually performs versus one that does not.

I don’t want to pay for social media advertising

If you don’t want to advertise on these platforms that is fine, but every indicator suggests that allocating some of your marketing budget to these platforms is prudent.  Here are some statistics:

  • Social media advertising spend is expected to reach nearly 15 billion U.S dollars in 2021. (Statista)
  • Researchers expect social media ad spend to grow by an average of 16 percent leading up to 2020, twice the rate of paid search. (Zenith)

Social Media Marketing Conclusion

In order to effectively compete on social media platforms today you need to utilize all the tools and resources you have available to you and your business.  If you feel like you don’t get much traction out of social media platforms, then contact me and we can discuss where you currently are and how to improve your performance on these platforms.

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